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Posted by enviropitt on January 10, 2019

How Bad Restroom Reviews Can Hurt Your Pittsburgh Businesses

Social media is a force to reckon with when it comes to personal reviews of business establishments of all types. They can be very painful, both emotionally and financially to business operations.

Most business mangers and owners do work hard to make their customers happy and when someone speaks out negatively, it can really hurt, but knowing how to handle a bad restaurant restroom review can be a learning experience that should be taken to heart.

The following article explains how negative reviews can effect impressions, sales, traffic and bottom line, and how effective, professional, deep cleaning hygiene services can help ensure that bad odors, germs and bacteria are minimized and/or eliminated within your Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania business facility.


Posted by enviropitt on December 10, 2018

Why Sanitized Restrooms Are A Must For Pittsburgh Restaurants

The very nature of the Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania restaurant industry demands that extra care and attention be devoted to the cleanliness of its daily food preparation, services and the cleanliness of their restrooms.


Posted by enviropitt on November 12, 2018

Three Gym Surfaces That Should Be Professionally Sanitized

We’ve written extensively about the germs and diseases that often inhabit commercial interiors, but when it comes to gym and fitness centers, they have the potential to become cesspools of disease, despite the fact that in public consciousness they are synonymous with healthful living. The warm, moist environments found in gyms provide the perfect haven for bacterial growth, all of which underscores the absolute importance of ongoing, professional hygiene control.


Posted by enviropitt on October 31, 2018

6 Diseases That May Inhabit Your Pittsburgh Company Restroom

When one has to go, one has to go and when it happens on company time, it can be a problem for many office workers. Company employees and customers have the right to expect restrooms to be clean, and responsible executives overseeing custodial operations must not disappoint.