Air Freshener Systems
For Pittsburgh Commercial Restrooms

Any company bathroom without at least one supplementary air-freshener to quell inevitable unpleasant odors is incomplete, no matter how beautiful the trappings or how clean everything may look. Air-fresheners are integral to the end user’s experience, and while they can be both over and under applied, their proper use is vitally important to every company's restroom environment.

The Enviro-Master Air-Freshener Program

Malodors can ruin any commercial enterprise whether big or small because their presence speaks a silent language of neglect and a lack of concern on the part of the business owner or manager for both company employees and customers.

The amount of air-freshening coverage will vary from company to company. A small pet store, for example, would not require the same amount of coverage as an airport or theater. Professional, highly effective air-fresheners, manufactured by Air-Scent International, are integral to any type of sanitary hygiene service and Enviro-Master works closely with companies to determine how much air-freshening coverage is best suited to the commercial space.

Pittsburgh Air Fresheners

Used in conjunction with our Sani-Scrub, Sani Service and supplementary paper products programs, Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania businesses can fully ensure fresh-smelling, odor-free and germ and bacteria suppressed washroom facilities. 

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The Air-Freshener Program’s Benefits To Business

Almost every type of commercial enterprise under the sun can benefit from Enviro-Master’s Air Freshener Program.

Services provide and work well for: restaurants; healthcare facilities; gyms and fitness centers; retail stores; apartment complexes; airports and doctors’ offices just to name a few. 

For our customers who already use our sani-service and /or sani-scrub services, restroom air freshening is complementary.

Pittsburgh Commercial Restroom Wall Mounted Air Freshener

Full or partial air-freshener service provided by Enviro-Master can only be a boon to business in many ways, some of which might even come as a surprise.

For example, the morale of employees who come to work every day and use a company restroom that smells badly can greatly affect work attitudes, and performance. Studies have shown that employees who work within a clean, hygienic space are more productive, happier and take less time off with sick or personal leave.

Bacteria lie in wait inside porcelain surfaces such as sinks and toilet bowls, which absorb germs in the same way that a sponge soaks up water. Any touchable bathroom surface is vulnerable to harmful pathogens including: soap applicators; doorknobs; stall doors and handles. Germs are literally everywhere, and each time a toilet flushes, millions of pathogenic particles are released into the air that can spread up to twenty feet.

Enviro-Master services the Pittsburgh, PA, area and environs. The company’s enduring reputation is marked by superior, cost-effective services that are destined to improve both company image and perception.

No company manager or owner should ever underestimate the power of perception, for it is absolute reality for the particular customer who is unhappy with his or her individual company restroom experience.

Enviro-Master and Air-Scent International

Enviro-Master specializes in superior bathroom hygiene, and its experts are motivated to provide and promote excellent restroom care one bathroom and one floor drain at a time. Its mother company, ambient air-care leader, Air-Scent International, is behind all of its environmental odor control and air-freshening solutions. This combination of skills, products and experience, which also includes pest control and pest management solutions provided by Pestco, is unusual if not unique in the modern air-care market.

The Complete Facility Care Program

Commercial enterprises of all kinds within the Pittsburgh and Western PA environs can now benefit from this special bundle of services known as the Complete Facility Care Program. It offers washroom hygiene by Enviro-Master, pest control and pest management strategies provided by Pestco Professional Services and environmental odor and air-freshening solutions supplied by Air-Scent International.

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