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Our comprehensive cleaning and hygiene services provide deep washroom fixture cleaning, electrostatic disinfecting fogging applications, heavy duty grout and tile power-cleaning, paper and supplementary restroom hygiene product programs and highly-effective, professional air freshener systems to commercial and industrial businesses throughout Greater Pittsburgh, and businesses throughout all Western Pennsylvania counties and Cleveland.

Ensuring Hygienically Healthy Workplace Environments

Maintaining restroom hygiene is one of the more important responsibilities of any business owner for the sole fact that a hygienically-sound restroom encourages improved bottom line, repeat business, happy employees and a supportive state health department. A poorly maintained restroom is proven to do exactly the opposite, often contributing to the demise of any business’ or restaurants’ reputation.

By engaging ongoing, preventative measures rather than reactive solutions, every Pittsburgh business owner can become a master of their facility hygiene, on-line reputation and customer and employee health. Increase customer retention, improve employee morale, reduce employee turnover and remove germs that cause disease, sickness and absenteeism.

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Remove built-up uric acid and trapped bacteria within urinals, toilets, and sinks with our heavy duty odor neutralizing cleaning solutions and germicidal coatings.



Thoroughly sanitize your restroom floors and hard surfaces to fully ensure you're providing your customers and employees with a healthy, hygienically clean restroom.


Air Fresheners

Through our partnership with Air-Scent International, we provide the most advanced, professional air freshening, ambient scenting odor control products.


Paper Products

We offer affordable paper product programs so you can save on restroom hygiene supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels and other supplementary products.


Sparkling First Impressions For Your Customers And Employees

We ensure healthy workplace environments and the very best first impressions for hotels, motels, educational institutions, hospitals, malls, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, processing plants, factories, office buildings, apartment complexes, shopping complexes, event arenas, bus stations, government buildings, warehousing, fitness centers and much more.

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The Pennsylvania Commercial Restroom Hygiene Industry Blog

We write about what we love, and we love to improve the health and hygiene of businesses, and the customers and employees that inhabit them, one sanitized restroom at a time. Explore our latest posts below or browse our blog.

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Why Lobby Cleaning Is Critical To Your Pittsburgh Hotel

Discover the pivotal role of hotel lobby cleaning for Pittsburgh establishments. A clean lobby isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a cornerstone of guest satisfaction and loyalty. From making that vital first impression to ensuring a safe and hygienic environment, the cleanliness of your hotel lobby sets the tone for the entire guest experience. In the following, we delve into the reasons why meticulous lobby maintenance is essential for the success and reputation of your Pittsburgh hotel. (more…)
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Hygiene Cleaning Services For Pittsburgh Bars And Lounges

A bartender’s worst nightmare is to arrive just in time for a busy weekend shift and find the bar looking like the invasion of the Battle of The Bulge.

Nothing is where it should be. Garnishes are gone with the wind; house liquors are scattered randomly across a greasy counter and napkin holders are upside down patiently waiting for someone to fill them up.


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Deep Cleaning Floor Scrub Services For Pittsburgh Businesses

Our Deep Cleaning Floor Scrub Services provide Pittsburgh businesses with top-notch floor cleaning solutions. Our team of experts uses advanced equipment and techniques to ensure that your floors are spotless, shiny, and germ-free. We offer flexible scheduling and affordable rates to meet your needs. Read on to learn more or contact us today for a free estimate


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Why Air Fresheners Are Vital To Your Pittsburgh Business

Clean, fresh and odor-free environments are vital to the success of any commercial space. For our cleaning and disinfecting experts at Enviro-Master Pittsburgh, it is a given that the opposite as well is true.

Malodors in restrooms and other shared areas are an immediate turn off to patrons who equate a dirty bathroom with dirty facilities and neglect. All employees and customers everywhere deserve clean and sanitized restrooms.


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Hygiene Cleaning Services For Pittsburgh Religious Facilities

The phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness” has never been more applicable then when it comes to hygiene cleaning services for Pittsburgh Churches and religious facilities, but it takes a special collection of cleaning applications to keep our local houses of worship free from germs, bacteria and bad odors. Our team explains!


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Why Hygienic Commercial Cleaning Is Still Vital Post Covid

The world is back, but that doesn’t mean regular, ongoing hygienic commercial cleaning services for your Pittsburgh business should be relaxed. Discover why deep cleaning and restroom hygiene services are still vital post-Covid!


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Disinfecting Services For Daycare and Summer Camps

If you are the owner or manager of either a daycare facility or a summer camp, read on to learn more about protecting your reputation and your little guests with our superior hygiene cleaning and disinfection services, or contact our team today! (412) 462-5525


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Why You Must Deep Clean Your Pittsburgh Commercial Kitchen

While it pretty much goes unsaid, frequently deep cleaning a commercial kitchen is an absolute must! Surprisingly, some Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania restauranteurs tend to avoid this essential practice, which dramatically effects their ability to maintaining a healthy, hygienically clean environment. Discover why you must regularly deep clean your commercial kitchen or call Enviro-Master Pittsburgh today for the very best in commercial hygiene cleaning services!


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The Ultimate Pittsburgh Restroom Cleaning Checklist

If you are a Pittsburgh company manager or owner, here is the ultimate cleaning checklist for your commercial restroom, which should always be performed in tandem with ongoing professional restroom hygiene services! Read on or call Enviro-Master today and let us ensure that your bathrooms are always hygienically clean!


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They Key To Preventing Pittsburgh Supermarket Germs

Keeping supermarkets and grocery stores hygienically clean is no easy task, and it is much more all encompassing than the proverbial “clean up on aisle 7.”

Supermarkets and grocery stores require constant surveillance, as they literally are havens for many types of bacteria that cause serious health issues.

All of this underscores the ongoing need for professional hygiene cleaning services to keep impressions up, bacteria down and your employees and customers happy.