Sani-Scrub Restroom Hygiene Services
For Pittsburgh Industries

The Sani-Scrub program and the level of deep clean it provides goes far beyond conventional cleaning strategies. This initiative utilizes unique materials and processes to eradicate bathroom bacteria, filth and germs and prevent them from reproducing. This in turn helps to eliminate malodors and minimize the spread of pathogens

How Can Your Restroom Benefit From Our Sani-Scrub Program?

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Pittsburgh Sani-Scrub Restroom Hygiene

Any company can spend a great deal of its budget on aesthetically pleasing, porcelain toilets and bathroom décor that at first glance may appear very attractive. However, if they are not properly sanitized from disease-bearing pathogens, such expenditures are a colossal waste of money.

For all companies whose bottom line relies on public interaction and satisfaction, appearances alone cannot transform restrooms into hygienic and safe havens for all those who use them.

Bathroom fixtures often appear clean, but many may mistake that to mean nothing dangerous lurks there. This could not be further from the truth.

Porcelain surfaces serve as sponges and harmful bacteria and germs lurk in soap dispensers, sinks, doorknobs, stalls on almost any touchable bathroom surface. Every flushing results in the release into the atmosphere of millions of particles containing pathogens that can spread up to twenty feet.

Enviro-Master To Pittsburgh's Rescue

Enviro-Master’s enduring appeal has evolved from their superior services that are both economical and known to improve both company image and perception. We are determined to both provide and promote restroom hygiene; one bathroom and one floor drain at a time.

Why Enviro-Master Makes Financial Sense

A weekly service program is all that’s required, and it can be recorded as operating costs rather than another item on a company balance sheet. This fee can include: repair, upgrade and replacement of equipment.

A clean bathroom is worth its weight in gold when it comes to developing consumer loyalty to a brand and sustaining a good reputation.

In some industries, such as medical or clinical, it is absolutely essential to allocate the responsibility of disposing of hazardous medical waste to our professionals at Enviro-Master Pittsburgh.

What is The Sani-Scrub Program?

The Sani-Scrub program and the level of deep clean that it provides goes far beyond conventional cleaning strategies.

This special initiative utilizes unique materials and processes to eradicate all bathroom bacteria and germs and prevent them from reproducing. This in turn helps to eliminate malodors and minimize the spread of pathogens.

Enviro-Master technicians of Pittsburgh and Western PA thoroughly sanitize floors and wall surfaces from top to bottom, first by thorough scrubbing and then by using a low-pressure washer.

Caked in dirt, germs and grime found in grout lines, air-vents, stall doors and other restroom hardware wash away, never to return when treated with regularly scheduled restroom maintenance visits.

Highly trained technicians apply chemicals that are designed specifically to eradicate surface germs and bacteria as well as those lurking deep within the microscopic pores of porcelain bathroom fixtures.

This program includes:

  • Liquid or foam hand soap and dispensers.
  • Highly effective air neutralizer systems and servicing, which is provided free with weekly cleaning services.
  • Supplemental paper products program, including hand towels, toilet paper and installation of attractive dispensers.

Used in conjunction with our Sani-service, air care and supplementary paper products programs, your Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania business will receive one of the most complete, diverse and effective restroom hygiene sanitation programs available. Call today to schedule an inspection (412) 462-5525.


Enviro-Master and Air-Scent International

Enviro-Master Pittsburgh and the ambient air care masters at Air-scent are permanently intertwined. This fusion of skill, products and services is a commercial trinity that no Pittsburgh or Western PA business can ignore.

The Complete Facility Care Program

Enviro-Master as well as pest control and pest management strategies provided by Pestco and environmental odor and air freshening solutions supplied by the ambient air-care specialists at Air-Scent are now available to commercial enterprises in Pittsburgh and Western PA under an umbrella of bundled services known as the Full Care Facility Program.

This wide range of services is the most affordable and efficient of its kind. It includes: excellent bathroom hygiene, environmental odor and air freshening solutions and pest-control related services, strategies and applications.

The Future of Enviro-Master And Air-Scent International

Air-Scent is already heads above its competitors with their environmental odor and air freshening solutions.

The future holds much promise for improved digital technologies and streamlined formulations insured to please the dynamic needs of both tomorrow’s commercial enterprise and the end user. The conventional company bathroom is certain to evolve into a more user-friendly experience, incorporating such features as fingertip access to a favorite shower temperature or preset water delivery programs at the sink.

With this evolution other factors emerge, such as the personalization of health management, where users can monitor their health and well being via urine and fecal analysis, which can serve as early indicators of disease.

It is estimated that by 2034, tech-enabled toilets will offer a multi-functionality that will entail a new focus on hygiene, cleanliness, and health.

The use of scent in so many modern industrial applications, including aromatherapy, insures the continued demand for Air-Scent’s superior air-care products.

Both Enviro-Master and Air-Scent are here to stay, albeit they will certainly adjust to the demands of an ever-changing world.

So do your Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania Company restroom a favor. Consider Enviro-Master and our Sani-Scrub initiative for all your bathroom hygiene solutions — (412) 462-5525.

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