How Bad Restroom Reviews Can Hurt Your PA Businesses

January 10, 2019 enviropitt

Don’t let a poorly maintained restroom ruin your online reputation and bottom line. Learn how to protect both with Pittsburgh’s most effective hygiene services.

Social media is a force to reckon with when it comes to personal reviews of business establishments of all types. They can be very painful, both emotionally and financially to business operations.

Most business mangers and owners do work hard to make their customers happy and when someone speaks out negatively, it can really hurt, but knowing how to handle a bad restaurant restroom review can be a learning experience that should be taken to heart.

The following article explains how negative reviews can effect impressions, sales, traffic and bottom line, and how effective, professional, deep cleaning hygiene services can help ensure that bad odors, germs and bacteria are minimized and/or eliminated within your Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania business facility.

The Power Of Negative Reviews And Your Business

When it comes to a negative restroom review, a bad one can certainly impact business. Negativity can be an ugly thing, tainting moods and accomplishments, distorting reality and worst of all, impacting emotional growth and development. This is because so many consumers today check out reviews before they book a restaurant reservation.

Despite this, criticism should never be taken to a personal level because a bad review does not make a restaurant bad.

Prevent Bad Pittsburgh Restroom Reviews

Enviro-Master And Washroom Hygiene Solutions

The most personal and significant moment that a customer experiences in a restaurant doesn’t necessarily happen at the table. It occurs in the restroom.

In its own painful way, a negative restaurant restroom review can be a gift because it alerts management to a failing they might not have known about due to the sometimes overwhelming priorities of running a successful restaurant.

There is also a way for a quick solution via our washroom hygiene experts, who are equipped with superior products and sanitizing strategies that are much more advanced and go far beyond the knowledge and cleaning power of the average janitorial staff.

Restaurants, by their very nature, demand that extra care and attention be devoted to the cleanliness of its daily food preparation, services and the cleanliness of their restrooms.

Eateries of all kinds, no matter how small, large, cozy or sophisticated, remain continuous breeding grounds for bacteria, and this problem must be addressed by insuring that bathroom hygiene experts professionally sanitize facilities.

Founded in 1983, Enviro-Master’s focus has always been the promotion of superior, professional restroom hygiene products and services. They are a global leader in hygiene for portable toilets and public restrooms. Most experts agree that besides the kitchen, the restroom is the most dangerous place in any restaurant in terms of gram-positive bacteria.

For this reason, we always go that extra mile when it comes to restaurant restroom cleaning, and disease and odor prevention are their specialties.

A Bad Restaurant Restroom Review Can Be A Gift

Is that proverbial glass half full or half empty?

All businesses screw up once in a while. It happens. Whether it is an issue with suppliers or a maintenance staff that has fallen short in a restaurant restroom, things can and do go wrong sometimes, as Murphy’s Law often suggests.

It’s the method in which restaurants deal with these problems that sets them apart from others of their ilk. A mistake can be an opportunity to shine. The Japanese character for crisis and opportunity are the same, as literally, that one closing door can open many others with the proper insight and attitude.

No business of any type can expect to please everyone, and restaurant owners and managers might do well to remember the iconic words of Abraham Lincoln who once said: “You can please all of the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.”

No one business, no matter how good, can be right for everyone. Put in proper perspective, in order to be the bestsolution for someone, a restaurant or any other type of business or product must be the wrongsolution for someone else. A bad review or fit, doesn’t necessarily translate into a bad service, product or setting per se.

Relevant Studies and Statistics

According to a study conducted by Lee Resource International, a company with a long history of improving the bottom line of smalland medium-sized companies all over the nation, for every restaurant customer who complains, 26 others remains silent.

A fairly recent study conducted by CleanLink, a leading website for the cleaning industry, concluded that 86% of adults in the United States equated the condition of a restaurant’s bathroom with the condition of its kitchen, and 75% of American adults stated they would not return to a restaurant where the bathroom was dirty.

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for SCA Tissue North America indicated that about 50% of restaurant patrons who have a negative experience with a bathroom which can be anything from dirty toilets to foul odors and gritty soap dispensers are likely to relate their negative experience to family and friends either via personal conversation or online.

Some Examples Of Bad Restaurant Reviews

The following are some recently published bad reviews concerning bars and restaurants.

A woman named Susan R. published this scathing review online just last month about a Pittsburgh restaurant even though she liked the food.

“…It took our waiter more than 10 minutes to come back to take our order. It then took more than 30 minutes for our food to be served. My husband’s Mac & Cheese was cold. The waiter paid no attention to us. We had to flag down a manager, who did the bare minimum to appease us (He took the Mac & Cheese off the bill). We spent way too long there for a lunch. However, the food is fresh and the salads were good. My hot “piadina,” which came out luke warm, was tasty. I would go to another chain location again for the food, but not this one. On the way out, I used the restroom and there was no toilet paper!!! Management challenged.”

The details here are enough to make any restaurant manager cringe, and although the areas requiring correction are numerous, but well within the realm of possibility.

Consider this next review of a national restaurant tavern in Pittsburgh located on Washington Road that was posted by Katie S. just last week. It was quite lengthy and is shortened here for the sake of convenience.

“I want to say that our service was absolutely 5 star. The waiter was friendly, accommodating, professional and attentive. However, that’s where the positivity ends. They seem to have switched to the refillable glass bottle for their water like some other restaurants have. The stench and taste of the water, however, made us question if it was even safe for consumption. It smelled and tasted like sewage. We opted not to continue drinking it and instead ordered other drinks.

We ordered our meals and we both used the restroom. The odor outside was absolutely horrific and it continued inside. It smelled worse than any porta potty I’ve ever encountered. I held my breath as much as possible. For as long as I can remember, their bathroom has had an unpleasant smell and was dirty, however this time, it was absolutely unbearable.

The lack of cleanliness in the bathroom was absolutely disgusting. The floors, walls and even the sink were just caked with nastiness. We were so grossed out, that we literally discussed leaving for fear of the kitchens cleanliness.We returned to our booth and started noticing how filthy that was too. There was hair, crumbs and other dirt visible in the booth seams. The table itself wasn’t cleaned. At this point we were gagging and didn’t know what to do. I genuinely hope that they get the deep clean that they need and figure out whatever plumbing issues they are dealing with.”

A few months ago, Trip Advisor posted this negative review from a national chain restaurant patron who stopped at a franchise in Fort Stockton, Texas. The review notes, “We came off a long ride and stopped here, used the restrooms first, and decided to leave because they were so dirty.”

Here’s another example about a cafe in Lawrenceville, Georgia, which is now closed. (That alone speaks volumes.)

“My wife and I decided to try this place out for my birthday. Our juices took 15 minutes to be served to us. Our dinner took a half an hour. Silverware was given to us 5 minutes after our dinner arrived. The pineapple ginger drink tasted like dirty mop water. The restroom looked dirty, as if cleaning was a once a day thing that was never maintained afterwards. If you start off with an alcoholic beverage, your senses will be dull enough not to care about these things. Next time, I’ll read the reviews and leave a bad experience for next person to chance!”

The Service Recovery Paradox

According to marketing professors Michael McCollough and Sundar Bharadwaj, the service recovery paradoxis the result of a very agreeable situation that brings about a level of customer satisfaction and/or customer loyalty that is even better than that expected if no service failure had happened.It occurs when a customer thinks more highly of a restaurant after it has promptly corrected a problem with their service.

This highlights an important aspect of good customer service and makes the point that it isn’t about eliminating mistakes, for that would be impossible. Rather, it concerns making the best of the opportunity created by a mistake to build a deeper relationship with a customer.

As a Pittsburgh restaurant owner or manager, you should welcome comments and complaints and maybe even provide a suggestion box where customers can submit their thoughts either directly or anonymously.

A service recovery paradox can only occur when a business faces up to a problem and takes action. There should be an apology, appropriate discounts offered and anything thing else that can prove to that customer that making him or her happy with their service is a top priority. In the case of restroom maintenance and hygiene, restaurant owners and managers should turn to Enviro-Master for the best washroom hygiene care available.

Enviro-Master Washroom Hygiene To The Rescue

The amount of air-freshening coverage any restaurant will vary from establishment to establishment. Air-fresheners are integral to any type of sanitary hygiene service and Enviro-Master works closely with restaurants to determine how much coverage is best suited to their allotted space.

In the words of Arnold Zlotnik, president of Air-Scent International and Enviro-Master Pittsburgh, “We specialize in superior washroom hygiene, and our agenda is always to “provide and promote excellent restroom care one bathroom and one floor drain at a time. Through our deep scrubbing and cleaning service programs, business owners can rest assured that their restaurants are deep cleaned and always kept sparkling, fresh and clean.”

Enviro-Master And Its Alliance With Air-Scent

Enviro-Master Pittsburgh’s mother company, ambient air-care leader, Air-Scent, is behind all of its environmental odor control and air-freshening solutions. Air-Scent acquired territory rights to Enviro-Master in 2014. This combination of skills, products and experience, which also includes pest control and pest management solutions provided by Pestco, is unusual if not unique in the modern air-care market.

The Complete Facility Care Program

Commercial enterprises of all kinds within the Pittsburgh and western PA environs can now benefit from this special bundle of services known as Pestco’s complete facility hygiene services program.

This three-pronged initiative offers bathroom hygiene services by Enviro-Master, pest control and pest management strategies provided by Pestco and environmental odor and air-freshening solutions supplied by Air-Scent.

This vast array of professional services is available under the cost-effective blanket of one highly respected company (Pestco) that has been in continuous operation since 1948. It ensures that restaurant owners can rest easy about their restrooms and know that they are receiving the best ambient air-care and washroom hygiene solutions that money can buy.

In fact, Air-Scent’s high performance professional air freshener systems far outdo any of the shelve retail or janitorial products.

Call our team today to find out what they can do for YOUR restaurant.

Final thought about restaurant cleanliness: To all patrons who use the restroom: Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the floor. The cockroaches are getting cancer. ~ Pinterest