Why Lobby Cleaning Is Critical To Your Pittsburgh Hotel

April 26, 2024 enviropitt

Discover the pivotal role of hotel lobby cleaning for Pittsburgh establishments. A clean lobby isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a cornerstone of guest satisfaction and loyalty. From making that vital first impression to ensuring a safe and hygienic environment, the cleanliness of your hotel lobby sets the tone for the entire guest experience. In the following, we delve into the reasons why meticulous lobby maintenance is essential for the success and reputation of your Pittsburgh hotel.

The Importance Of A Clean Hotel Lobby

A hotel lobby is an unsuspecting, but nevertheless very strategic space.

It is a threshold, an entry way and a subtle web of olfaction that gently entraps visitors into a favorable first impression.

How clean it is determines how attractive it will be to guests, and also how likely they will be to return in the future.

It is the most traversed section of a hotel, as all services and amenities branch out from it.

The heavy presence of foot traffic, with so many people checking in and out all hours of the day and night provides a constant build up of unwanted debris, food particles dust and dirt.

In addition to the importance of that first impression, for which there is never a second chance, regular cleaning helps to extend the life of lobby furnishings.

Wear and tear is inevitable on carpets and taking care of fabrics and surfaces gives them a much longer life span.

Professionals should be called in to do this massive job efficiently. It’s what they do.

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What Does Hotel Lobby Cleaning Entail?

Diverse hotels have specific designs, layouts and cleaning priorities. Schedules must follow an all-encompassing cleaning agenda.

Only a methodical and targeted strategy can ensure perfection every time.

Daily cleaning is necessary to maintain a lobby’s aesthetic appeal and appearance and a dirty one cannot survive within the highly competitive hospitality industry. 

The high contact surfaces of the hotel lobby as well as non-carpeted floors should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build up of dirt and bacteria.

Effective care includes a wide scope of factors that include: the maintenance of spotless glass doors, windows, gleaming light fixtures that bathe space in muted light, and well vacuumed carpets.

Hard surfaces, such as natural stone floors, are treated with commercial grade, microfiber mops and special chemical solvents that help maintain their natural beauty.

Lobby cleaning must also include: sanitizing furniture, door handles and other touch points.

Our cleaning experts at Enviro Master advise that the floors are the very first thing to address when cleaning a hotel lobby.

Specifically, this includes the floors of the main entrance, reception area, and wherever else guests are likely to sit after first entering the lobby.

Pittsburgh Floor Scrub Services

The removal of dirt, and debris from outside either from shoes and/or bags is manageable by sweeping and mopping the floor every single day.

Public areas that are accessed via the lobby must also be cleaned and disinfected regularly due to the flow of incessant traffic.

Nothing can be left to chance, and all corners must be thoroughly checked. Attention to detail, cleaning supplies and protocols are also vitally important to successful and continued maintenance. 

What Does Deep Hotel Cleaning Really Mean?

Our teams at Enviro Master believe that deep cleaning is the most effective way to maintain the sustained cleanliness of a hotel and ensure guest satisfaction. 

Despite this, many hoteliers are not fully aware of exactly what it entails.

It must go far beyond the scope of daily house-keeping agendas and should be done between two and four times annually.

Its goal must always be to effectively remove soils and contaminants and improve both the odor and appearance of the entire hotel. 

Utilizing the right tools and products is essential to overall success.

While cleaning chores always include general lobby cleaning, it is a job slated for our professionals at Enviro Master when it comes to maintaining heavier-duty weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks. 

Some of their more complicated cleaning procedures include: deep carpet, high-level window and deep cleaning (after tourist season/big events), as well as maintaining hotel sanitation protocols before inspection and HVAC system maintenance.

Different Hotel Areas and Challenges

Maintaining customer loyalty and return traffic means staying on top of all sanitation practices.

This includes: disinfecting hotel rooms, frequently touched areas and shared spaces (restaurants, conference rooms.etc).

Guest rooms and their bedsheets, amenities and towels are all integral to the total satisfactory visitor experience.

These products are havens for many diverse types of pathogens and bacteria, and for the professionals at Enviro Master this translates into frequent cleaning and sanitizing.

According to Trip Advisor, a staggering 71% of guests will only book hotels with above average cleanliness ratings.

A Breakdown of Our Commercial Hygiene Cleaning Services

Our commercial cleaning technicians at Enviro-Master are top-notch professionals that are trained to use top-of-the-line cleaning equipment and commercial grade cleaning products.

Our range of services include: restroom and hygiene maintenance solutions for safe bathroom sanitation and their cost-effective Electrostatic Spraying Surface. 

This unique procedure, which was developed and perfected by cutting edge technologies, diffuses a positively charged germicide that adheres to surfaces for a considerable period of time.

This protects against dangerous germs that are often found on contact surfaces both in the bathroom and outside on surfaces like door handles and trash bins.

Additional Hotel Hygiene Cleaning Services

In addition to reliance on our cleaning professionals at Enviro-Master, Pittsburgh hoteliers should also consider the services of another local company to complete their cleaning and odor-control agenda; namely the pest-control and pest-maintenance specialists at Pestco Professional Services

In continuous operation since the late 1940s, this company’s stellar exterminating services have always incorporated superior air freshening and odor control systems for businesses throughout Pittsburgh and environs, all Western Pennsylvania counties.

Ambient scenting and hotel cleaning are progressive, innovative and highly sophisticated tools utilized specifically to forge a permanent bond between a hotel brand and the perceptions of its visitors.

An immaculate lobby is the avenue to positive reviews and return traffic.

Enviro-Master cares about a hotel’s reputation as much as they do about their own, and their promise of sparkling premises after they have done their magic is guaranteed.

If you are a hotel owner or manager anywhere throughout the Greater Pittsburgh areas, call our teams today Your lobby will never the same again.