Hygiene Cleaning Services For Pittsburgh Religious Facilities

January 9, 2023 enviropitt

The phrase “cleanliness is next to Godliness” has never been more applicable then when it comes to hygiene cleaning services for Pittsburgh Churches and religious facilities, but it takes a special collection of cleaning applications to keep our local houses of worship free from germs, bacteria and bad odors. Our team explains!

Despite their heavenly associations, churches and other religious facilities are not protected from the germs and bacteria that lurk in a myriad of public places. 

Houses of worship attract both regular and transitory traffic, and they contain high touch surfaces that can easily transmit dangerous pathogens to worshippers.

As community organizations that both welcome and value those who pass through their doors, church executives rely on regular cleaning services to maintain cleanliness and safety for all.

A bit of clarification here about the word, regular. This is not to discount or bypass a thorough cleaning.

Our experts at Enviro-Master Pittsburgh fully understand that in fact, this serves to both enhance and maintain it.

A schedule in which regular cleaning occurs is vital to cleanliness, whether it concerns a daily, weekly or monthly agenda. For example, treating a drain may only require service once a month, while high traffic areas may demand weekly or even daily attention.

These include among other things vacuuming and emptying trash.

How To Find A Reputable Hygiene Cleaning Company

Churches and other houses worship must do their homework in the same manner as all other businesses when it comes to selecting the right cleaning company for their establishment.

There are five basic things to look for before placing any name, heavenly or otherwise, on a dotted line. They are as follows:

1. A Legal Binding Contract

Any reputable cleaning service will provide a contract to all clients that specifically delineates costs and services. Such an arrangement serves to ensure a company’s liability to theft, damages etc.

2. Research A Company’s Reputation

Read Better Business Bureau and other customer reviews that may be available online as well as any information related to the company in question. Call prior clients, if possible.

3. A Company Must Offer a Detailed Cleaning Schedule

A company without a specific plan is not a desirable choice. There is no cleaning service that is better equipped to service churches than Enviro-Master. Our detailed agenda eliminates any guess work, and is proof that the company is organized and professional. There are never any surprise visits, and a religious organization always knows exactly when our crew will arrive.

4. Commitment to Quality

Every Enviro-Pitt visit should satisfy and exceed the cleaning goals of any house of worship. Our experts guarantee this by providing a staff that is fully trained in disinfecting and maintaining bacteria-free, high-touch surfaces. They also clean without disrupting church interiors.

5. Bonded And Insured

Any reputable company will offer proof of insurance. Every house of worship contains some valuable antiques and precious artifacts pertaining to faith. A cleaning service by law must carry commercial general lability insurance and offer a security bond to all their clientele.

Enviro-Master Pittsburgh And The Church Cleaning Checklist

We service businesses of all types including churches and other houses of worship throughout Pittsburgh, western Pennsylvania and surrounding tri-state areas.

We have been in continuous operation for more than four decades. Teamed with sister company, Air-Scent International, in addition to our hygienic initiatives, we also offer excellent environmental odor control and air-freshening solutions for churches.

We work in conjunction with a church’s janitorial staff even though our Sani-Services program picks up where they leave off. It is no mark against our efforts or skill, as it is impossible for standard commercial cleaning chemicals to eliminate bacteria from the deep pores of porcelain fixtures.

Enviro-Pitt’s unique sanitizing product, which contains a colorless neutralizer known as Metazene, removes odors and attacks disease-bearing pathogens and germs at their source. It is the only product of its kind on the market today.

The company customizes their agenda to accommodate the specific needs of each church building.

With expertise and techniques that have been honed and mastered over decades of experience, they will develop a major plan of interlocking cleaning services that will include, but are not limited to the surfaces of the entire building.

Our comprehensive Sani-Service program includes: tile and grout deep cleaning and the provision of bathroom-related paper products.

Creating a professional cleaning template will break down cleaning activities based on how often they need to be performed.

This will automatically ensure that no area will ever be overlooked.

A continuing checklist will also allow for a close analysis of which service and products must be purchased.

Establishing a specific plan will take into account daily, weekly and monthly considerations, but it must also be flexible enough to deviate from special occasions such as weddings or other large gatherings.

This may include an unexpected cleaning, which may not be on the schedule for that particular week. Sometimes, impromptu cleanings may be necessary to accommodate spills and other accidents.

Stocking The Cleaning Products and Equipment

This is no easy task and is best left to the professionals at Enviro Master to determine.

The specific products and equipment a church needs in order to maintain a sufficient level of cleanliness will depend upon the specific needs of the building itself (whether old, new etc) and the demographic of the congregation (elderly, young, both).

Equipment a church custodial staff should buy includes: a vacuum cleaner; carpet cleaner; a mop; broom; dustpan; glass and oven cleaners; sanitizing solutions; stain remover; and air fresheners.

Our Enviro-Pitt technicians use their own cleaning products, which are sustainable and of the highest quality, and they also bring their own equipment.

This includes cutting edge electrostatic sprayers equipped with hospital grade germicide that can sanitize surfaces and entire rooms, and enzyme-based drain cleaners for clearing clogs without using corrosive harmful chemicals.

In addition, the provision of toilet related products, such as soaps, hand-sanitizers and paper products that are available via our Hand Hygiene and Paper Management initiatives are reasonably priced and are restocked on a regular basis. 

Using this service means your church will never run of restroom necessities.

Cleaning Church Bathrooms

Our expert technicians guarantee that a church bathroom will be completely sanitized and free from dangerous pathogens after they have done their job.

Our equipment provides the deepest, most thorough cleaning possible.

We treat all porcelain fixtures and remove built up uric acid and trapped bacteria via a potent germicidal coating, which in addition to toilets and urinals is also applied to sinks, which are often hotbeds for gram positive bacteria. 

What is The Sani-Services Program?

Enviro-Pitt works in conjunction with a company’s janitorial staff even though the Sani-Services program technically picks up where they leave off.

It is no mark against our efforts or skill, as it is impossible for standard commercial cleaning chemicals to eliminate bacteria from the deep pores of porcelain fixtures.

Our unique sanitizing products remove odors and attacks disease-bearing pathogens and germs at their source.

Highly trained technicians insure that a commercial restroom is completely sanitized and free from germs and bacteria.

Sani-services provide the deepest, most thorough cleaning possible. Products treat all porcelain fixtures and remove built-up uric acid and trapped bacteria.

A germicidal coating is generously applied to urinals, toilets and sinks, which are all hot beds for germs and gram-positive bacteria.

The finishing touch is a Sani-Guard germicidal fog, which has a dual function. It protects bathroom surfaces and prevents them from absorbing germs until the experts at Enviro-Pitt return on their next monthly visit.

if you are a church executive or manager who may have concerns about the cleanliness of your house of worship, call our teams today! We’re here to help!

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