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July 13, 2021 enviropitt

Discover why more and more businesses throughout all of Greater Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania are turning to us for the most thorough, effective and friendly tile and grout cleaning services!

Commercial tile and grout floors are beautiful to look at as long as they are kept clean. 

The problem is, cleaning tile and grout can be an arduous task, and grime and dirt on the grout in a company kitchen or restroom floor can be both unsightly and unhealthy. 

Even more, uric acid salt builds on walls and around toilets and urinal fixtures over time, which is not only unsightly and odorous, but also contains dangerous bacteria.

Pittsburgh Restroom Hygiene Services Bacteria

In fact, a University of Arizona study discovered that there are an average of 421,000 different types of bacteria commonly found on shoes, which potentially transforms tile flooring into an enormous breeding ground for toxic germs and pathogens.

In high-traffic areas such as restaurant kitchens and bathrooms, these numbers can grow exponentially!

Ongoing, proper tile and grout cleaning is necessary, but can be challenging for the average company manager, even an avid DIY soul.

Clean Tile And Grout

Many do not understand just how much special care is required because mold or mildew is likely to have invaded the surface beneath cracked tile and cleaning grout incorrectly only exacerbates the problem.

While natural products are always the safer way to go, not all natural cleaning products are safe to use. 

Keeping tile and grout looking glistening clean for as long as possible for the sake of best first impressions demands regular professional grout cleaning and restroom hygiene services, namely those performed by our experts at Enviro-Master Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Kitchen Sanitation

Why Businesses Turn To Our Tile And Grout Cleaning Services

Our highly trained technicians not only target grease, dirt, grime, and soil via a special grout cleaning process, we also eliminate odor-causing agents, leaving an entire floor clean and free of harmful substances and restoring grout and tile to its original color. 

Specialized equipment, commercial grade extractors and clean water pressure are necessary to complete this challenging task.

Before and after tile and grout cleaning.

Best Tile And Grout Cleaning

In tandem, these components can safely scrub tile surfaces and remove grime that regular mopping and over-the-counter cleaning products cannot effectively clean. 

The benefits of deep cleaning tile and grout include: the removal of dirt and grime; the cleansing of hard to reach tile lines and the use of non-corrosive and non-toxic products. 

Our special tile cleaning process leaves a protective barrier on floors, which keeps tiles clean and combats grimy buildup on grout. 

Our specific process cleans commercial tile without the employment of harsh chemicals and does not leave a residue of soap scum. 

This serves two purposes; namely the removal of hazardous grease buildup and the reduction of odors that Pittsburgh businesses might not have even realized were emanating from their tile flooring.

Our tile cleaning products fight harmful bacteria and other germs that utilize the hard-to-clean grout lines between tile as their reproductive sites.

5 Maintenance Tips To See Your Tile and Grout Clean

There are a few key tips, in addition to ongoing professional services, that business owners and their cleaning staff can do to keep your tile and grout clean.

Clean Up Any Spills Immediately

Preventing tile and grout from staining means cleaning up spills immediately. 

The longer a spill is left in place, the deeper it is going to sink into the tile and grout. Janitorial staff should clean up as much of the spill as possible as soon as it is noticed. 

Always Seal Grout

Our teams at Enviro-Master can effectively seal and regularly clean grout with our special tools, which are designed to maintain the tile’s original appearance and eliminate bacteria and grime.

Mop and Rinse

Cleaning staff should mop ceramic tiles in a mixture of warm water and detergent at least once a week in order to ensure that their shiny character is maintained at all times. 

Beforehand, it is recommended that they remove loose dirt by vacuuming and sweeping the entire area.

Keep the Floors As Dry As Possible

When possible, allow sunlight to keep floors dry naturally in order to get the most out of grout and tile floors.

Failure to do this is likely to result in providing a welcome haven for mildew and mold, which can have deleterious health effects on those suffering from lung ailments. 

Rely on a Commercial Restroom Hygiene Company

Maintaining tile and grout is not a DIY job and our highly trained professionals at Enviro-Master are there to help. Tiles and grout need to be deep cleaned and old tiles require extra care!

7 Myths About Grout And Tile Cleaning

Don’t Believe The Hype!

Before getting into what every Pittsburgh company should do to clean tile and grout, honorable mention should be made about what not to do. 

Ignore the following myths circulating the Internet concerning effective tile and grout cleaning.

It Is Effective To Clean Tile and Grout with Bleach

Many people think that because of its whitening effect that chlorine bleach will whiten and disinfect grout at the same time.

In reality, this will only weaken the grout, causing it to become brittle and deteriorate quicker.  Bleach can also ruin the glossy finish on most tiles.

Acidic Cleaning Solutions Are Safe On Tile and Grout

Acidic cleaners remove dirt and grime from tile, but they are harsh, and can cause the grout to erode.

These products also release vapors that often damage other appliances like stainless steel faucets and other similar fixtures.

A Wire Brush Should Be Used For Cleaning

This not so great idea is more likely to damage grout joints rather than clean them. 

Nothing harder than a medium hard brush should ever be used to clean tile and grout. 

Stiff or wire brushes can also badly scratch the surfaces of the tile.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Is Considered A DIY Job

Unfortunately, for any company seeking advice about tile and grout cleaning who looks closely, the same web “experts” touting this claim are more or less the same ones offering the other bad advice listed here. 

Professionals, such as the experts at Enviro-Master, are the only ones to call to get this job done correctly.

Mopping Works Well For Cleaning Grout

While mopping floors can keep tile and grout surfaces clean, it is not potent enough on its own to remove all the grime that settles over time. 

Grout can be easily stained by water that is unclean, as poor mopping only serves to push the dirt and mud deeply into the pores of the grout. 

The risk of causing discoloration can be eliminated by calling the professionals at Enviro-Master to do the job.

Cleaning Grout Just Means Soaking Floors In Soapy Water

There is probably no easier way to ruin tiles and grout that to submerge them in soapy water. 

Household soap products do help loosen stubborn dirt on dishes, but in the case of tile and grout, dish soaps and other regular cleaning products adhere and accumulate to the dried soap, quickly leaving tile and grout dingy again. 

The grout may appear clean after a few washes, but it will gradually build up an unpleasant and sticky residue.

Grout And Tile Are Self-Maintaining

Some may believe that once the grout is sealed there is no need to worry about maintenance. It is unclear why anyone would believe this myth, as every commercial surface requires some type of cleaning and maintenance. 

Routine professional care by Enviro-Master is recommended for the long-term health of tile and grout, as in many cases, the necessary tools and supplies needed to do the job correctly simply are not available to a typical janitorial staff.

In Conclusion

If you’re a business owner anywhere throughout the Great Pittsburgh or Western Pennsylvania area, we’re here to help! Call on us to help your company today — (412) 462-5525

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